Mythology says that keep this 5 things on the pillow

Mythology says that the satisfaction of day is related to the night. If you won’t get proper sleep at night than you will feel tired the whole day. You will feel fresh only after you get proper rest in the night. Here are the 5 things that you can keep inside the pillow before you sleep so that you could sleep and feel fresh the whole day.

1. Hanuman Chalisa: Every night study Hanuman Chalise and keep it under your pillow and sleep. This will give you peace. The wrong feelings, vibes won’t come in your dreams. The sleep without dreams will give your body another life.

2. Iron Tool: It is good to keep the iron tool while sleeping. This will stop the negative energy comes to you. There is a trend of keeping iron tool on the pillow of children.

3. Radish: Keeping the radish on the pillow while sleeping and taking it to the Shivalinga in morning will give you blessing. According to Mythology this will reduce the effect of rahu and will stop from stress and bad dreams.

4. Flower: Keep the flower that is Willingly to the god this will give you peace in mind and this will give you proper sleep and you will feel fresh in the morning. In the therapy lately this was been used as well.

5. Keep the Durga satasapti Path in the pillow this will give you free from fear. This will make you free from the stress and pressure of the whole day. You will feel fresh in the morning.