What is diabetes? Interview with doctor Jyoti Bhattarai

Health is wealth as everyone knows this and people who is healthy can do entire thing but unhealthy people will get the burdens of problems in their life so everyone should focus on their health and become healthy.

As these days diabetes is been the most popular disease, most of the people are getting this disease. This disease doesn’t k!ll people but it creates the boundaries in life style. So here is the interview about this disease with Doctor Jyoti Bhattarai.

What is diabetes and entire affects related to diabetes are shown in this video.

Dr Jyoti here says that Diabetes means the increment of sugar level in the body which will affects the various organs in the body, it is also called the sugar disease. Here she is discussing about two types of diabetes.
1. There is insulin in the body which keeps the sugar in the cells, in case of production of insulin there will be diabetes. Such types of diabetes is very few in people.
2. The insulin comes out but there will be lack in the work process on which the sugar cannot reach to the cells and revolves around the blood and affects the various organs and such types of diabtes is caused to various people.
Similarly the another diabetes is seen during pregnancy as well.

You don’t need to worry if you are suffered from diabetes but you need to understand about this disease and control the disease in your own way so that you can be aware from various problems but if you do careless and don’t consult with doctor than any type of diabetes will affect you and once it start affecting you there will be various difficulties in improving it, so we need to be careful and should prevent it our self.

She tells that any people can suffer from diabetes even the doctor of diabetes too suffers from such problems. This is mostly caused to the people from Indian sub continent, every one falls under the risk factors, this might cause due to heredity as well as well as the mix of environmental factors causes this diabetes.

Here in this video you can hear about the entire affects and diabetes from it’s root so that you could understand and implement in your lifestle