How to make Selroti at home | Authentic Nepali Food🍴58

of the Dashain and Tihar festivals. It is unique to Nepal and has become an iconic symbol of Nepali culture and festivities, and is made and served throughout the country during the festivals of Dasain, Tihar and Teej; and during wedding parties, bratabandha and other ceremonies. Sel roti is also a

traditional food in Nepali-speaking communities in India, namely Darjeeling, Sikkim, Siliguri and Kalimpong. It is an essential food in most Nepalese cultural and traditional events. Sel roti are cooked in bulk and can be stored at room temperature for least 20 days. Sel roti are often sent as special gifts to family members living away from home or used as prasad in puja.
Ingredient list for SEL ROTI (I made this video with two kg uncooked rice ) :

Rice 2 KG ( soaked at least for 2 hours)
Ghee or Butter 250 gram
Water ( Depends upon the art of rice we are using. Please watch the video for exact consistency )
Sugar ( 250 gram or as per your need for sweet taste)
Semolina (100 gram)
Oil (1 Liter to fry)