Nepali comedy Video “KHAYU SEWA NIGAM”

Dhrmus, Suntali, and Magne buda have again seen in same comedy show after a long time gap of dispute. It have came out that they have been having a dispute, but recently in a new show they have seen in sharing the Comedy stage show. The stage of comedy performance of various comedian artists have been filmed and been uploaded in the YouTube channel of magnebudo.

This comedy show contains lots of humor, fun and satire with a main theme “KHAYU SEWA NIGAM” . “NEPAL KHAYU SEWA NIGAM” is a airlines name in this comedy show. The comedy show revolves around the same plane and it’s passengers and staffs. The plane and it’s system will just amazed you.The plane is taking a flight to Thailand and before taking a flight all these funny and h!ll@r!ou$ conversation and activities are taking place. The presence of these comedian in the show will makes you laugh hard.
Even the tears may roll down in your face because of unbearable laugh from this comedy show. Check out this video and have immense of laughter from ep!c comedy show.