Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Speech

The main opposition party, CPN (UML), obstructed the meeting of the Legislature-Parliament today also in protest against the constitution amendment bull registered in the parliament by the government. MPs from the CPN (UML) and other opposition parties stood from their seats in protest against the bill as soon as the meeting commenced at 1 pm today. The opposition parties have been impeding the parliament meetings

from December 1, calling for withdrawing the constitution amendment bill. Speaker Onsari Gharti allotted time to the chairman of the Rastriya Janamorcha, Chitra Bahadur KC to speak immediately after the meeting was obstructed. Putting forth his views, KC said the House could not resume its business until the constitution amendment bill was retracted. He argued that the bill proposes amendment to the constitution on sensitive provisions as citizenship, language commission, delineation of provinces and representation in the National Assembly, in a way that it will spell trouble to nation, nationality and national integrity. “Wrong works have been done in the amendment bill like separating the hilly districts from the Province No 5 and constituting a language commission in a way to reviving the issue already settled in the past,” he said. Reminding the parliament that he and his party had been telling throughout that federalism would put the country into trouble, he noted that it was also not a wise decision in the past to separate the Province 2 from the hills.