Why female be in relationship with another male in absence of her husband

$*x is being the basic need for people and everyone is getting so much into it that they ends betr@ying their partner. Here in this video you can feel why women gets into another male when her husband is far from her. Most of the female wants to have $*x and they won’t find their husband so they gets into relationship with other just to fulfill $*x requirements.

Similarly some male has lack of $*x power and they are not able to satisfy his wife and he is compelled to have $*x with another man who would satisfy her better. Some does for money, as female needs money for their makeups, clothes, ornaments as they don’t want to be less than any other so in this case they does $*x for money. They keeps multiple $*x relation for money. Some of them follows western culture as in our country and culture having $*x with any person is not good but in western culture that would be normal and they follow them and they feel like that is normal to have $*x with the person you like and they does it freely.